Our Mission


To establish the Funtaj International School as the leading private school in Nigeria and West Africa, with a reputation centred on academic excellence, internationalism, leadership, responsibility, service to others, outstanding pastoral provision and extra-curricular education. Vital to achieving this aim is the establishment of a school with a strong and effective leadership and a commitment to continual self-improvement in all areas of school life.


The Core Values

The schools have 5 core values which will guide its development towards the establishment of an international school in the global community.

  • Excellence in all we do, with high expectations and academic success.
  • Developing independent learners and individual fulfilment.
  • Creating warm friendly relations with an emphasis on multiculturalism and a strong moral code of conduct.
  • Serving and learning with the community.
  • Providing a Healthy and Safe campus with respect for the environment.

Each of these values is embedded in the daily life of the schools, providing direction to the development of individual education. In this fashion the whole child is prepared to manage self, manage relationships and manage their own learning, work and performance.

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